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教授 張文彥 博士




Seismology; geophysics; earthquake disaster reduction and prevention.






974301 花蓮縣壽豐鄉志學村大學路2段1號,國立東華大學,環境學院,生態及永續科學跨領域研究中心,A437 / A440室


  • The Seismic Investigation and Observation of the Milun Fault after 2018 Hualien Earthquake, Maintenance of E-TEC and Observational Experiment for Earthquake Precusors. (MOST, 2019.8.1-2022.7.31)

  • The characteristic study on seismic propagation in southern Taiwan: situational earthquake simulation and hazard analysis. (MOST, 2019.8.1-2020.7.31)

  • BEST (Bridging Earth Science & Technology): An Integrated Program for “Intelligent Prevention of Natural Disasters” and “International Cooperative Research of Earth Sciences” in South East Asia. (MOST, 2019.8.1-2020.7.31)

  • Survey and Evaluation of Environmental Data on Renewable Energy in Aboriginal Areas. (Private Company, 2019.8.1-2019.12.31)


  • Bond‐Lamberty, B, Christianson, DS, Malhotra, A, et al. COSORE: A community database for continuous soil respiration and other soil‐atmosphere greenhouse gas flux data. Global Change Biology. 2020; 00: 1– 16. 

  • Chang Wen-Yen, Meng-Che Wu, Yang-Lang Chang, Sheng-Yung Shih and Bormin Huang, (2018.Nov.), GPU Acceleration of Adaptive Local Kriging Applied to Retrieving Slant-Range Surface Motion Maps., IEEE J. of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (JSTARS), Vol.11, No.11, p.4317-4325.

  • Chen Kuei-Pao and Wen-Yen Chang*,(2017. Apr. ) Estimating Seismic Hazards from the Catalog of Taiwan Earthquakes from 1900 to 2014 in Terms of Maximum Magnitude, Pure and Applied Geophysics. 174(4), 1615-1627.

  • Chang Wen-Yen, Kuei- Pao Chen and Yi- Ben Tsai, (2017. Mar.), Simultaneous Assessment of the Median Annual Seismicity Rate and their Dispersion for Taiwan Earthquakes in Different Depth Ranges, J. of Asian Earth Sciences, Vol. 135,136-154.

  • Chang Wen-Yen, Kuei- Pao Chen and Yi- Ben Tsai, (2017. Feb.), Alternative Representation of the Gutenberg-Richter Relation in terms of Logarithmic Mean Annual Seismicity Rate and its Standard Deviation, Natural Hazards, 85:1297–1322.

  • Chang Wen-Yen, Kuei- Pao Chen and Y. B. Tsai (2016. Mar.), An updated and refined catalog of earthquakes in Taiwan (1900–2014) with homogenized Mw magnitudes. Earth, Planets and Space, 68:45, pp.1-9.

  • Chen Kuei- Pao and Wen-Yen Chang*, (2015. Oct.), Estimation of Building Damage Rates from Future Earthquakes in Taiwan in Terms of MMI. Natural Hazards, Vol.79, pp.645-660.

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