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Ground-mounted Solar Panel Governance in Taiwan – Second Workshop

Date: 11th February 2022

Venue: Kabo Hall, GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center

As the entire world including Taiwan is preparing to achieve 2050 net-zero emission goals as well as energy transition, Taiwan is actively promoting renewable energy. Although the development of renewable energy is generally supported by public, yet there are different challenges and obstacles in the process of power device implementation. For example, Taiwan’s renewable energy structure depends on solar panels; ground-mounted solar panels will be one of the crucial forms. However, the development of its installation capacity is relatively slow and so the government has lowered the installation target twice in the recent years. One of the main factors is there are still many governance gaps in ground-mounted solar panel management have yet to be identified and clarified; also gaps in various regulations, structure and technical knowledge yet to be urgently filled. This factor can help promoting the integration and sustainable governance of local ecosystem, economy, society and culture. Thus, CIRES of National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) organized a workshop series about ground-mounted solar panel governance in Taiwan to analyze the current governance gaps and counter measures.

The first workshop was held on 3rd December 2021 (Friday) at the College of Environmental Studies, NDHU to conduct in-depth discussions regarding the environment and social impact assessment and response mechanism. Participants also established specific initial consensus and recommendations. In order to continuously construct a complete system on ground-mounted solar panels in Taiwan, also to promote the integration and sustainable governance of the three main perspectives, the second workshop was held on 11th February 2022 (Friday) at Kabo Hall, GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center. The workshop was also chaired by Professor Hsing-Sheng Tai from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, National Dong Hwa University. More than a dozen experts including academic researchers, civic groups and industry representatives were invited to join the discussion regarding National Solar Panel Space Planning and Inventory and Public Participation. The team looks forward to working on the continuous research and promoting follow-up initiatives; along with establishing a decent governance system for ground-mounted solar panels. Thus, we can facilitate to achieve Taiwan net-zero transformation goal by 2050.

Ground-mounted Solar Panel Governance in Taiwan – Second Workshop Agenda

First Workshop Session

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