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生態及永續科學跨領域研究中心(CIRES),是亞洲地區第一個結合生態學及社會科學研究的中心,其任務與目標效法於NCEASSESYNC 和 iDiv 等國際重要研究中心。本中心位於台灣的優越的地理位置可作爲通往其他主要國家和生物多樣性熱點區域的橋樑。這些優勢與獨特性有利我們邀集世界各地的學者,展開保育生態學和永續科學研究的合作。 本中心熱烈歡迎合作者的新提案或攜帶資料加入研究。







Center History and Development:

January 2020 Establishment of CIRES
CIRES was established in January 2020, with Professor Yi-fang Sun serving as the center director.

March 2021 TSH@CIRES Inauguration Ceremony and Forum
Taiwan Sustainable Hub (TSH) established a branch at CIRES. TSH aims to shape a new form of public governance thinking and innovative economy in Taiwan through sustainable pathways, transforming societal sustainability culture. Click [here] to visit Taiwan Sustainable Hub.


August 2022 Implementation of Landscape-Scale Ecosystem Services Assessment for Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic Development Social-Ecological Integration Governance Project
Starting from August 2022, a three-year project funded by the National Science Council has been initiated. Taking a landscape perspective, the project explores potential changes in land use caused by ground-mounted solar photovoltaic fields, assessing the impact of solar photovoltaic fields on the ecological services and residents' lives in the region.

October 2022 Hualien MegaBank Solar Photovoltaic Field Environmental Ecology Monitoring Project
Environmental monitoring of the solar photovoltaic field began in October 2022, spanning at least three years. The goal is to confirm areas within the photovoltaic project site with "ecological conservation value" and provide appropriate operational management recommendations to create a win-win situation with green energy development.

November 2022 Official Launch of CIRES Space
The meeting rooms, offices, and laboratories located on the 3rd floor of the College of Environmental Studies and Oceanography are now officially in use. We extend our sincere gratitude to Dong Hwa University for its strong support in various aspects, including funding and hardware.


June 2023 Establishment of LTSER Hualien Station
CIRES established the Long-term Social-Ecological Research (LTSER) Hualien Station in the Guangfu Township and Fenglin Township of Hualien County. Click [here] to enter the LTSER Hualien Station.

August 2023 Passing the Torch - Change in Center Director
With the completion of Professor  I-Fang Sun's term as the center director, Professor Shih-Chieh Chang Chtakes over as the new center director.

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