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Dr. Chun-Hung Lee

Professor Lee’s work focuses on economic evaluation of ecotourism and ecosystem services, applying methods from ecological economics and the theory of community resilience to environmental governance. He has published almost 30 journal articles (including in Sustainability, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, China Agricultural Review, and Tourism Management Perspectives), attended over 40 international conferences, and been awarded 20 ministry of science and technology (MOST) and 14 government projects in Taiwan. Furthermore, he receieved an ‘Excellent Research Award’ in National Dong Hwa University and MOST from Aug. 2011 to July 2020. In the nearly future he intends to embark on research in the topics of environmental valuation, sustainability & change, and human-wildlife conflicts. He also plans to apply ecological economics methods abroad in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Hong Kong, and China.


Community-based ecotourism ; Natural-based ecotourism ; ecological economics ; sustainability and change ; threatened species conservation

Natural & Cultural Resources Management Lab,A244




CIRES, College of Environmental Studies, National Dong Hwa University. 
No.1, Sec.2, Da Hsueh Rd., Shoufeng, Hualien 974301, Taiwan.

  • Implementing a development framework for sustainable community tourism based on resilience thinking and adaptation to community change, 108-2410-H-259-042-. Aug. 2019 to July 2020.

Active Projects

Key Publications

  • Lin, Y. H., Hong, C. F., Lee, C. H., & Chen, C. C. (2020). Integrating Aspects of Ecosystem Dimensions into Sorghum and Wheat Production Areas in Kinmen, Taiwan. Land Use Policy, 99. 

  • Nguyen, H. T. T., Lee, C.-H., & Hung, R.-J. (2021). Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management Willingness of end users to pay for e-waste recycling. Global J. Environ. Sci. Manage, 7(1), 47–58. 

  • Lin, Y. C., Hong, C. F.* and Lee, C. H., “Integrating Multiple Perspectives into an Ecotourism Marketing Strategy in a Marine National Park,” Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, July 2020.(Accepted)

  • Lee, C. H., Chen, Y. J., Huang, Y. S., & Chen, C. W. (2020). Incorporating integrative perspectives into impact reduction management in a reef recreation area. Water (Switzerland), 12(1). 

  • Lee, C. H., Chen, Y. J., Huang, Y. S., & Chen, C. W. (2020). Incorporating integrative perspectives into impact reduction management in a reef recreation area. Water, 12:111.

  • Lee, C. L., Wang, C. H., Lee, C. H., & Sriarkarin, S. (2019). Evaluating the public's preferences toward sustainable planning under climate and land use change in forest parks. Sustainability, 11:3149.

  • Sriarkarin, S. & Lee, C. H. (2018). Integrating the multiple attributes for sustainable development in a national park. Tourism Management Perspectives, 28:113-125.

  • Zong, C., Cheng, K., *Lee, C. H. & Hsu, N. L. (2017). Capturing Tourists' Preferences for the Management of Community-Based Ecotourism in a Forest Park. Sustainability, 9:1-16.

  • Huang, C. H., Lee, C. H. (2014). Consumer Willingness to Pay for Organic Fresh Milk in Taiwan. China Agricultural Economic Review, 6:198-211.

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