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Taiwan Ground-mounted Solar Panels Governance Workshop III – Coming Soon

Date: 21st April 2022 (Thursday)

Venue: Kabo Hall, GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center, National Taipei University of Technology

National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) and CIRES has organized a Taiwan Ground-mounted Solar Panels Governance workshop series to analyze various governance gaps and countermeasures in Taiwan. The third workshop will be held on 21st April 2022 (Thursday) at the Kabo Hall, GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center, National Taipei University of Technology. The theme of this workshop is cross-departmental energy spatial planning and substantive coordination, as well as the local government's renewable energy governance system. The workshop will be co-chaired by Professor Hsing-Sheng Tai from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Studies of NDHU, Adjunct Assistant Professor Chia-Liang Shih from the Department of Public Administration of National Chengchi University, and Director Han-lin Li of the Taiwan Environmental & Planning Association. More than 20 participants from different background such as academia, civic groups, expert practitioners from the industry and other fields will join this workshop to discuss the cross-level and cross-departmental division of responsibilities and systems for renewable energy.

Solar panel is one of the main power generation sources in Taiwan when they talk about promoting renewable energy. However, the decentralized settings of solar panels are close to people’s living environments, it is easier to affect various local land use forms. Such characteristics lead to a complex governance levels and industries with solar panels. To promote energy transition and net zero emission goals, cross-departmental and cross-level coordination is urgently needed as well as the active investment from governments at all levels. Although there are relevant regulations at the central government level as a cross-departmental coordination platform, however, the substantive integration and governance still needs to be strengthened as local governments are lacking substantial power. Therefore, this workshop will discuss about how central government should assign local government to be a more active facilitator role in the current development of renewable energy. It is expected that there will be solid consensus and institutional suggestions for this topic discussion through the professional and practical experience of all participants.

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