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Plant Phenology Workshop

1st October 2021 Plant Phenology Workshop I

5th November 2021 Plant Phenology Workshop II

Climate change will change future meteorological patterns, including the timing and variability of rainfall and temperature, which in turn will influence the physiological changes of organisms and influence the growth, survival and population renewal of organisms. According to the meteorologists’ predictions, the changing trends of rainfall and temperature in different places are not consistent. Therefore, the surviving strategies of organisms in adapting to future changes are the main issues needed to be explored urgently. Since the ancient times, plant phenology has the most direct response to meteorological factors, including the physiological changes such as leaf growth, flowering, and fruiting, so it is often used to indicate the degree of climate change. These physiological changes are related to the survival of plants and the success of population reproduction. Therefore, plant phenology can also be used as an indicator to evaluate the adaptation degree of a species or ecosystem to climate change. This workshop hopes to gather local phenologist and integrate phenology observation data from various places; compare the altitude and latitude gradients of phenology and finally to understand how plant phenology in Taiwan is affected by climate change. This is to establish future references for adaptation model of native plants to climate change.

Two workshops have been held so far to confirm the list of researchers who will participate in the future. Aside from that, they discussed on how to process data and share preliminary results and ask researchers to process each data file and upload the results to the shared cloud drive.

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