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Meeting on the Ground-Mounted Solar Power Plants Construction

Date: 10th February 2022 10:00~12:30

Venue: College of Environmental Studies, National Dong Hwa University

CIRES has been paying attention to the development of ground-mounted solar panels in the Eastern Taiwan. The team hopes to provide basic information on the ecosystem services and socio-economic that are currently lacking in the solar panel projects that have been established or will be carried out. Therefore, the team establishes the sustainable Taiwan solar panel development model, which in turn affects the formulation of government policies and achieves the goal of integrated ecological-social governance.

The participating members for this meeting included Fei-Yue Huang (Eastern Office Director of Citizen of the Earth, Taiwan) who facilitated the meeting, Zheng-Liang Cai (Deputy General Manager of Shengfeng Electric Power Company), four (4) colleagues from the engineering and public relation department of Shengfeng Electric Power Company, and lastly, three (3) members of our team.

Meeting agenda included the biodiversity data collected in the Shengfeng solar panel project site and surrounding areas provided by CIRES; the impacts caused by Shengfeng Electric Power Company (regarding environmental friendliness, ecological compensation, forest revitalization and outflow control), as well as data collected from twenty (20) years of ecological monitoring in the area.During the meeting, the three parties exchanged opinions on the restoration and flexible design of buffer zone, the impact of ecological fences and friendly hunting on wildlife restoration, the development of environmental survey and monitoring methods, and local job security.

The team hopes for more collaborations in the future after this meeting, along with providing professional and academic advice for the upcoming projects’ planning and construction. As a result, a win-win-win development model for environment, community and renewable energy can be accomplished.

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