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Congratulation to CIRES Director I-Fang Sun on 2022 World's Top Ecology and Doctor of Choice Award

Professor I-Fang Sun from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Studies and Director of CIRES, was selected as the world's top ecological and evolutionary scientist by in 2022, ranking fifth in Taiwan.

His research interests are mainly in understanding forest dynamics and the coexistence mechanism of forest species. His research covers the tropical and subtropical forests in East and Southeast Asia. He has participated in the planning, establishment and maintenance of many forest dynamic plots for more than 20 years.

Since 2020, Professor Sun has elected to be CIRES Director, and has joined forces to promote research on the resilience of social and ecological systems with multiple natural science and social science scholars, to promote the integrated governance of society and ecosystems. He hopes to solve the serious environmental, social and economic issues causing by global change.

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